Say hello to Kellogg’s MyBowl™
More than just a meal, breakfast is the springboard to the day’s possibilities. By enjoying a serving of Kellogg’s® cereal with a half cup of skim milk and fruit each day, we get the energy we need to help make the most of the morning. Yet busy mornings may mean that breakfast is skipped or that less nutritious foods are chosen.

Kellogg’s MyBowl™ — an educational tool created by Kellogg Company — shows how easy it is to build a cereal breakfast with 1/2 cup of skim milk that offers a tasty combination of grains and protein that helps refuel your body.* Grab your bowl and learn how to make the most out of breakfast.

  • Breakfast Research Did you know? — More than half of all adults would like to eat breakfast every day, yet only one-third actually do.1
    1. Kellogg Breakfast in America Survey, 2011
  • Breakfast Research Did you know? — A Kellogg’s cereal breakfast with one cup of milk offers both grains and protein that help refuel your body; grains help you recharge and protein helps you rebuild.
  • Breakfast Research Did you know? — Cereal and milk is a leading source of 10 nutrients in people’s diets.1
    1. NHANES, 2003-2006. Nutrients include: vitamins A, B6, B12 and D; riboflavin; niacin; folate; iron; zinc and thiamin
  • Breakfast Research Did you know? — Cereal is an important driver of milk consumption, since 86% of cereal is eaten with milk.1
    1. National Eating Trends (NET) from The NPD Group, November 2013
  • Breakfast Research Did you know? — Fruit provides nutrients vital for your daily health, such as potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and folate, along with an appetizing dose of color!