Get off to a great start with Kellogg’s MyBowl™
Kellogg’s MyBowl™ — an educational tool created by Kellogg Company to complement USDA’s MyPlate — shows how easy it is to build a nutritious meal in a bowl.

A serving of Kellogg’s® cereal and 1/2 cup skim milk gives your body protein and grains to help start the day right.* Together, grains and protein help you fuel right. Adding fruit provides additional nutrients.

Rollover the colored edges of the bowl to learn more.

Kellogg’s MyBowl™ is a tool developed by the Kellogg Company and is not affiliated or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Breakfast and Beyond A cereal breakfast with non-fat milk and fruit is a great way to get the benefits of a meal that includes Grains, Dairy, and Fruit Group servings. Other bowl meals, like soups, salads, stews and chilis, also fit in Kellogg’s MyBowl™, showing that there are many healthful ways to get your daily food group servings in a bowl.